Ski! & physiotherapy – tailor made for those returning to skiing. This is a combination of guided ski course and physio, organised as part of Michael Widmer-William’s Ski! project.

This one-week course offers a gentle return to skiing. It has been conceived specifically to enable those who have undergone operations, injuries, falls or other physical handicaps to regain their former (or achieve a hitherto unknown!) stability and confidence on their skis.

Simple exercises will improve your standard and bring confidence and fluidity to your skiing. By familiarising yourself with the technical errors which lead to instability on your skis, you will learn improved balance and be able to avoid unnecessary falls. In addition, we will teach you how to look after your joints and muscles; correct use will avoid unnecessary overtiring. The ski course includes an analysis of your skiing/ physical movements, as well as supervision by a physiotherapist, and is centred around the basic principles of biomechanics and osteopathy.
Please note: these courses run on certain set dates. It is only possible to join a class on the first day of each respective course, and pre-booking is essential.
For further information please contact the ski school director or the ski school office.