We think the little ones are the greatest!!

Enjoy your own holiday, safe in the knowledge that the children are being well looked after. Our many years’ experience with children’s ski courses, plus our professionally trained team of specialised ski instructors, guarantee amazingly successful results.  Au-Schoppernau Snow Sports School prides itself on its policy of maximum safety on the slopes; the use of child-orientated learning equipment; and specialised tuition from our highly qualified instructors, who are always willing to accommodate the preferences and requests of the children in their care.

Tiny tots and beginners

Tiny tots' sessions and ski courses for children aged 3 1/2 and older. Our highly-qualified instructors will use light-hearted methods to teach your children to ski, involving a lot of fun and games, plus endless amounts of patience. 

Advanced children's groups

Thanks to our varied and methodically constructed programme of exercises, children and teenagers will show a steady improvement in their skiing ability. Lots of fun and a variety of different learning methods will make each day an adventure.


Here in Didiland skiing is an ADVENTURE!
Thanks to the very latest equipment, getting to grips with all the different snow sports is as easy as pie!