Private ski lessons

For all types of snow sports and all types of people: toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, families and small groups. Everyone is welcome! Your instructor will produce a tuition programme that is  tailored to suit your own personal preferences, ability and condition. This is the fast track to progress in the snow, and well worth the money!

Special ski courses

The fascination of carving

By studying which muscles are used to stabilise the joints in your body, you too will learn to experience that amazing feeling of exhilaration and confidence that is carving.

Powder skiing

For improvers and experts alike. We will take you to the best powder slopes and teach you the techniques you need to ski them properly!

Bump skiing

For mogul freaks and would-be’s. Come and learn the techniques required to really master bump skiing!

Special race training

On dedicated training slopes with video analysis. Aimed at developing the basics and core elements of slalom and giant slalom techniques.

New school

Our king-sized trampoline is just the thing for building up to all kinds of jumps, turns and grapes.

Private courses

1/2 day mornings € 150.- each further person € 20.-
1/2 day afternoons € 130.- each further person € 20.-
1 whole day € 250.- each further person € 25.-
Private courses may be booked any day of the week!


We offer the following discounted price scale for two days or more:
2 days minus 2%
3 days minus 3%
4 days minus 4%
5 days minus 5%

On Thursdays and Fridays we offer a 3% discount on private courses!
Special tours of over 5 hours’ duration incur a supplement of € 20.00 per person.